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There once were two friends, a chef and a providor. The two friends decided to open a restaurant and name it “TERRA”. The restaurant opened and to great success, they smoked lots of meat, cooked things over charcoal on the rotisserie, used as many different fruits and vegetables as they could, and drank lots and lots of natural wine.

Things were great until one day some virus came about and from then, things had to change, people couldn’t hang out like they used to. Dinner service had to be canned, takeaway was king now.

The two friends didn’t just rest on their laurels though, they immediately set out on a new journey to embark on. The two friends enjoy their wines very much, not just any old wines though, wines with a bit more going on. Exciting ones. Natural ones. Those with a bit more going on and a story to tell. The friends try to drink the best wines they can get their hands on and they want you to as well. So, the two friends decided to share their selection with the world. And thus, TERRA BOTTLESHOP was born. The two friends know they don’t have the biggest range but that’s just how they like it, if they don’t drink it, they won’t stock it.


For us, being able to tell a good story about a wine is almost as good as having the first sip. Of course, every wine has a unique story to tell, its just some stories are better than others.

It’s this idea that has influenced which wines we choose to include in our collection. We’d much rather share a story about a winemaker who knows their farm like the back of their hand rather than some mass-produced soul-less shit.

We know this approach isn’t for everyone but we’re hoping it is for you!

Did we just become friends??

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