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Peter Wetzer KekFrankos

This Kekfrankos, or maybe better known as Blaufränkisch, or the 'Pinot Noir of the East' is a bloody ripper. 

The variety is known for its late ripening, juicy flavours, rich tannins and spice.

Wetzer delivers on all three fronts and provides a whole lot more.

Its complex, juicy, rich and raw. 

Wetzer attempts to provide the truest representation of his vineyards terroir with as minimal intervention as possible.

For this reason, this Peter Wetzer Kekfrankos makes our top picks.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

Cantina Margo 'Fiero Rosato' Sangiovese 2018

Based out of Umbria, Italy, Catina Margo represents so much of why we love natural wines, good wine with a good story.

Back in 2008, Carlo Tabbarini started Cantina Margo based out of a small abandoned vineyard in the small town of Sant’enea.

The project began with the vision of exploring the heretofore untapped potential of the region, beginning with the commitment to biodynamic practices.

Since 2008, the transformation of his vineyards have earned him the title of one of the most devoted farmers of the region.  

Fiero Rosato is 2018’s delicious result of an early harvest of Sangiovese, carefully destemmed by hand, gently pressed to stainless tanks followed by a healthy maturation in old barrel.

Carlo doesn’t add any bullshit to his wines, instead leaving them to reflect his craftsmanship both on and off the vineyard.

Expect an explosion of red fruit, soft and integrated acidity with a slight saline finish. Its vibrant and fun with a slightly serious side too.  

Louis Terral 'Marianne' Gamay 2018

At TERRA we’re always looking for shakers and movers. Louis Terral just so happens to be one of them.

Half way between Lyon and Geneva lies an alpine region known as Bugey-Cedon that’s become quite highly regarded for its sparkling worldwide, the region has become so popular for its sparkling wines, still red and whites have become a little neglected.

This is where Louis Terral enters the picture. Based out of a small town called Merignat, he’s the only winemaker left still producing still red wine.

After years of learning his trade under some of the biggest names in natural wine making, Louis realised the potential the Gamay variety had in the region.

Marianne is the result of late harvest, to develop as much ripeness as possible and she is a stunner.

She has delicate floral aromas, bright acidity and lively minerality.

It is just wow.

Koerner 'Watervale' Riesling 2019

Koerner is run by two brothers with a rich history in the Clare Valley. The Gullyview Vineyard had been a family affair for over 40 years before Damon and Jonathon took over with the idea of applying a modern approach to the classic wine styles of the Clare Valley.

The philosophy behind their approach to their wines is, an all too familiar one as far as wines we are into go, they are fresh, well-structured wines with high drinkability and as little rubbish added as possible. A true reflection of the terroir and their knowledge of it.

Watervale has been a TERRA favourite two years running now.

It’s got it all, complex aromas, silky yet chalky texture and delicate spice that you wouldn’t typically associate with a Clare Valley Riesling.

Maybe Damon and Jonathan sum it better themselves - Riesling but not as you know it.

Sete Bomba - Ottonese Pet-Nat 2019

On the west coast of Lazio, Italy, lies a little pocket of vineyards that have almost been lost to the world. Abandoned and left to their own devices, the vineyards were almost forgotten. That is until the gang at Sete got their hands on them.

Using a varietal with the fun sounding name, Bombina Bianco, otherwise known as Trebbiano, the group committed to restoring the vineyards to the state worthy of the region.

Bomba is a funky pet nat that really captures the wild side.

Left on skins for two days, the result is a tangy sour-fruit delight with chalky mouthfeel dialled up to the max and even a little nuttiness chucked in too. Most importantly, its ridiculously refreshing.

A must for the summer days just around the corner.

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